Lodge Members


Brother Howard McCoy - Secretary

Brother Terrence Sullivan - Junior Steward ****

Brother Paris Artis - Senior Warden

Brother James Witherspoon - Worshipful Master

Brother James Knox - Junior Warden

Brother Reginald Tillman - Past Master



Members not pictured include:

Brother Charlie Thompson - Tyler

Brother Keenan McCrorey - Senior Deacon

Brother Robert Roseboro

Brother Willie Ware

Brother Vonte Kirkland - Senior Steward ****

Brother Gabriel White

Brother Albert Crawford

Brother John Gladden

Brother John Douglas

Brother Derrick Holmes - Past Master

Brother Gregory Carter - Treasurer

Brother Entre Ervin

Brother David Neely

Brother Dennis Wells

Brother Moses Gardner

Brother Wade Brice

Rev. Brother Robert Brice

Brother John Clowney

Brother James Coleman

Brother Robert Edwards

Brother Shelton Ellis

Brother Andarrio Johnson

Brother Gabriel White

Brother B.S. Blair

Brother Sylvester Sanders

Brother Deandre Robinson


**** Congratulations is extended to the newest members of Sons of Light Lodge # 61 .