Becoming a Mason


- To Be One Ask One -


Many men have often wondered why they were never asked to become a Mason, not knowing that it was up to them to ask how to become a Mason.

Unlike most other organizations, Freemasonry does not publicly solicit for membership so as to allow each man to decide of his own free will whether membership appeals to him.

Most men still begin the process of becoming a Mason by simply asking.



Membership in Sons of Light No. 61 is open to men of every race, religion, culture and income level. The basic requirements for membership are as follows:

  • Be age 18 or older
  • Believe in a Supreme Being, and
  • Be of good moral and social character.

Men usually seek out membership by asking a Mason for a petition. While membership is open to all men who meet the basic requirements, Masonry is not for everyone. It does not seek to reform bad men, only to provide opportunities for good men to better themselves and their communities.

Sons of Light seeks only men of good character as members. We will review every applicant’s moral and social character, and prospective candidates must be unanimously balloted upon in the Lodge by all members present.

Healing of Non-Prince Hall Masons

Petition process for healing of Non-Prince Hall Masons. Follow the instructions to become a member.
Healing of Non Prince Hall Masons.pdf
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